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We are at a tipping point for mental health reform in Australia. Not only can we no longer afford to do nothing, but we now have the opportunity, capacity and momentum to deliver genuinely transformational change.

Our current mental health system of late intervention within a beleaguered acute health system often abandons people at precisely the times they should be getting the most help. The achievable alternative is to live in communities in which people are increasingly enlightened about mental health issues and where locally based services respond early, expertly and effectively whenever we begin to struggle with our mental health.

This website as a resource for concerned Australians, policy-makers and people who work in mental health services who want to help to achieve mental health reform. I have no doubt that working constructively together, we can achieve a new deal on mental health that expresses all that is best about Australia.

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On March 12, 2014 Croakey published a piece on the launch of the ReachOut.Com by Inspire Foundation/Ernst & Young report Crossroads: Rethinking the Australian mental health system. Professor Patrick McGorry has written the following response to this piece.


The media's coverage of former Attorney General and Health Minister Nicola Roxon's speech at the John Button Memorial Lecture on Wednesday night in Melbourne was largely confined to her reprise of the well known acrimony between Kevin Rudd and his colleagues, and her analysis of the character flaws of the former Prime Minister. While this may be endlessly fascinating to some, it is hardly news. Much more significant were her revelations regarding the inside story of the Rudd government's approach to health reform. 

Ireland has launched a new set of national mental health guidelines for schools. Commenting on the news, Patrick McGorry said, "Guidelines are most welcome and will expand the support and recognition capacity of the school communities.  But where to then? Where do young people turn to then?  There is urgent need for new style services to provide some expert help to the large number of young people who are locked out of care at present."

Patrick McGorry writes in today's Age about the need for an end to the culture of shame and secrecy surrounding suicide that prevents more young lives from being saved

Latest in the Media

Prof Patrick McGorry writes on why Victoria has slipped well down the national pecking order in quality mental health care and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. His article was published in The Herald Sun 4 November, 2014.

Prof Patrick McGorry contributed to an article stating that unlike Whitlam’s era of a worldwide revolution of idealism the energies of the 60s today, are met with cynicism and crippled by a "culture of risk-management and materialism". His comments were published in the Sydney Morning Herald 26 October, 2014.

Prof Patrick McGorry is consulted over the 2014 McClure welfare review recommendation that the disability pension should be reserved for people with a permanent impairment and no capacity to work. Sydney Morning Herald 14 October, 2014.

On the genesis of the ABC’s ‘Mental As’ campaign and Prof Patrick McGorry’s role in it. Full article published in The Australian Financial Review 11 October, 2014.